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5 Important Things To Know About Your Self - Storage Facility

Self-Storage Units in Kilkenny Secure Storage

Self-storage is an affordable solution to the problem millions of us have; space! Or rather lack of space. Upgrading to a bigger house or expanding your current property is often out of the question.

If you have possessions you need to store, but simply can’t find the space in your house, Secure Storage in Kilkenny city could be just the solution for you.

When considering using a self-storage facility in Kilkenny, it’s important to weigh up the costs involved and make sure you find the right facility for you.

There are a few pointers you need to know when searching for storage unit companies, so here at Secure Storage; we’ve compiled a guide complete with our top tips to finding the right storage for you.

Conveniently Location

Location of your storage facility can be important if you need regular access, or if you have minimum access to your own transport.

Secure Storage is located in Hebron Industrial Estate beside Aldi, less then a 5 minute drive from Kilkenny City Centre and we are conveniently situated near Kilkenny Ring Road making access easier from North Kilkenny, Carlow, Dublin and Waterford.


Some other features to look for in a Storage Facility that increase convenience are:

Drive-up access:  This feature makes loading and unloading a breeze.

Use of Equipment: At Secure Storage our helpful staff are on site and tenants have free use of our equipment to help them load and unload their possessions.


If you need regular access to your container, accessibility and opening times are important to consider.

Here at Secure Storage has the longest opening hours in Kilkenny area.

We are open weekdays from 5am - 6pm and 5am - 10:30am on Saturdays.

Long term tenants may apply to have 24/7 access.

Collection/ Delivery Service

Can your self - storage provider help you with collection and delivery? *At Secure Storage we can offer light furniture removals and collection/delivery of items. We can also arrange collection/delivery of furniture if it is a big removal.

For long term document storage customers, we offer a free collection and delivery service.

Conditions apply

*Subject to charges, on request we can offer you a quote for removals


Security and safety are obviously a very important factor when choosing your self-storage facility. At Secure Storage, we provide the very best in secure storage units, with a high level of security, lockable access, cameras and fire protection. With all of this taken care of, you’ll have complete peace of mind.


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