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How Any Business Can Benefit From Self - Storage

Create space with self - storage solutions expand your business without expanding your premises

Self storage can benefit small businesses and e-commerce companies, it give them flexibility, security, accessibility and saves space that all businesses rely on for growing success.

Whether it's a shop or online store excess stock, seasonal decorations, office or event furniture or annual business documents renting self-storage units can help your business save on space and allow you to expand your business without expanding your premises.


Every business needs to retain documents such as financial reports, client files, blue prints and legal documentation for prolonged periods.

After sometime these documents build up and eventually overflow filing cabinets, shelves and desks taking up valuable space in the office.

Mounds of paper cluttering working areas can make it difficult for you and employees to work effectively.

Cost effective and secure storage solution is to opt for off site document storage.Choosing a self storage facility you must ensure that the storage units and service are suitable to your needs.

For helpful tips on document storage visit our post here.


There are a variety of business reasons why you might need to store furniture throughout the year. Perhaps your business hire additional seasonal help but don’t want the extra desks and chairs crowding your office in the off-season. Or perhaps you have event furniture such as extra chairs and table that are used in a restaurant or venue for weddings or concerts.

When packing furniture, remember to:

Cover furniture with drop cloths but ensure that air can still flow through. Protect your furniture’s corners and edges with appropriate packing materials.


Inventory can take up a lot of space in your office and shops. Effective storage solutions are key to running an organised business. Business storage units provide an ideal place to keep your inventory or excess bulk from cluttering up your work space.

Some businesses have surplus inventory at different times of the season while others need to keep inventory on hand to ship to customers making e-commerce sales. In either case, the extra business storage space will help streamline your process and provide room for your business to grow.

When packing inventory, make sure to: Keep clear records of what you’ve stored, the quantity of items and where it is packed in your business self-storage unit.


All businesses need a business address including online stores, eBay sellers, Esty sellers and other e-commerce business. Many home based business such as these start out using their home address as their business mailing address but you may want to consider whether an additional business mailing address will be of benefit to you. Find out about the benefits of a P.O. Box here.


Businesses looking to renovate or relocate can utilise a self-storage unit to temporarily store items during the process. You can temporarily store furniture while painting, knocking down walls or any other remodelling efforts you are undertaking. Or if you are changing locations, you can use business self-storage units to keep extra furniture while you transition to a new location.


Business Self - Storage facilities are also perfect solution for your sales reps to store and distribute marketing and sales material.



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