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Self - Storage Tips

Secure Storage Kilkenny Self Storage Tips

Self Storage boxes
Secure Storage Kilkenny - Storage Tips

Self-storage units can be a great solution in a wide range of situations, from moving homes to commercial storage needs. No matter why you need one of our secure and affordable storage units in Kilkenny, there are a few self storage tips we can share with you to help you get the most from your storage unit.

Here are our top tips to help you streamline your self-storage experience!

Storage Needs

At Secure Storage, it’s important to us that customers only pay for the space they need; that’s why we offer a range of sizes and storage types when it comes to our storage units.

Before you rent a storage unit, determine how much space you will need. Get in touch with us for a quote and describe what you wish to store.

Don’t Underestimate The Storage You Need

At Secure Storage, we give as much value as possible to our customers and even offer cheaper monthly rates for longer-term rentals. A mistake some people make on occasion is to rent too small a unit and then try to squeeze all of their items in. This is an easy way to break or damage items, which can be more costly in the long term, especially if you are planning on storing furniture or electronics. If you find that you have rented too large a unit, you can always downsize to a smaller space.


While it could be an extra expense, finding a suitable means of transporting your items to storage can prevent damage to your items and your domestic vehicle. Whether you rent a van and drive it yourself or hire a courier, a larger vehicle with a flatbed is much more suitable for moving items safely and securely. We offer removal service in Kilkenny for self storage get in touch for our prices on removal and delivery of your items.


If you have moved before you will know how important it is to organise your items, especially if they are going into storage. By properly boxing and labelling your items it will make the unboxing much more manageable when moving into the new property, simply take each box into the area it is labelled for, instead of stacking them all to the ceiling in one room, doubling your workload for later.


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