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Self Storage Do's & Don't

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

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Self Storage Units are great for both short term and long term storage of belongings during times of transition or simple decluttering your home. When it comes to packing and storing your items right there are some tips you should follow to ensure you are optimising your space and keeping you belongings safe as well as making the process easy for yourself.

Do's & Dont's of Self Storage

Choosing a Unit

  1. Do start your search early for the perfect storage facility near you. Choosing a reputable company. Keeping in mind key factors like Unit Size, price and convenience. If you wait too long to book you may find your requirements aren't available.

  2. Do take an inventory of what you plan to store. This can be helpful to determine the unit size you need and it helps you stay organised when everything is in storage. You inventory doesn't need to be details but a general overview

Packing your storage unit

  1. Do label your boxes. Whether you are storing your items long term or short term when the time comes having labeled boxes makes the unpacking process much easier. It's also useful if you need to enter your storage unit to just find and grab something.

  2. Don't leave items unprotected. prevent items from getting damaged by taking the time to properly wrap and pack them

  3. Do pack strategically. Store items you are more likely to need towards the front, and things you will be able to live without towards the back. Think vertically, take advantage of the storage unit height. Stack items keeping heavier items on the bottom. Where possible leave a pathway from the front to the back of the unit so nothing is out of reach

  4. Don't store anything perishable. Be careful not to store anything in your unit that may spoil. In addition to causing bad odours rotten food and plants can attract bugs and pests.

  5. Do ask for help. Ask friends and family members to help. extra set of hands makes the process smoother and faster, and reduces the risk of back injures when lifting heavy items.

  6. Don't share your key or access code. Be wise about who you share access to.

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