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Pack & move to your home over a Bank-Holiday weekend.

You just got the keys to your new home and moving in asap. While packing up your rented house in one weekend might seem tasking, we know you can do it – especially if you follow along with these helpful tips for how to pack up your home in a moment’s notice. Don’t worry, Secure Storage is here to help you make it happen.


Step one enlist family and friends to help with the big move. If you’re downsizing your home and plan to put some things into storage, you can avail of Secure Storage delivery service from your home to our Self Storage Facility in Kilkenny.


Boxes, furniture pads, packaging tape – those things are all great, but when you have to pack quickly or on short notice, you might not have them all on hand.

You just have to think outside the box. Here are a few ideas for alternatives to traditional packing supplies:

  • Use a garbage bag to cover your clothes while they are still on the hanger. Not only will they be easy to transport, but you also save yourself time unpacking when you reach your final destination.

  • Don't have bubblewrap? Don’t worry about it. Blankets, sheets, dishtowels, and other linens are perfect for protecting your valuables during a move. Use them to cover art work, framed photographs, even furniture you don’t want marked.

  • Instead of unpacking your drawers, simply tape those suckers shut. If that makes it too heavy to move, remove each drawer individually, but keep the contents intact. Then when you get to your new home or storage unit, you just pop them back in.

Packing for any move always start with the rooms you use the least and leave the rooms you use the most, like the kitchen and bathrooms, for last.

If you need packing supplies we have a range of packing equipment kits and supplies just call in to our offices at Secure Storage, Unit 24, Hebron Industrial Estate Kilkenny


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